Blue Heron Literary represents mainstream literary and commercial fiction, and nonfiction in the areas of memoir, biography and popular culture, with a focus on how-to, lifestyle, and cookbooks.

 I am actively seeking the following:

  • Nonfiction: Lifestyle, how-to, cooking, popular culture, memoir and narrative nonfiction.

  • Fiction: Middle grade and young adult fiction (all genres), from adventure driven and fantastical to contemporary settings exploring social issues. For new adult and adult fiction, plot-driven literary works and upmarket commercial stories with only a touch of genre.

I only take on a select few fiction titles, and am especially drawn to a strong voice and dynamic characters, a well-paced plot, witty or quirky humor, and am always susceptible to a good solid tug on the heart-strings.

What I am not looking for:

  • Picture books, poetry, true crime, mystery, thrillers, romance, westerns, short story collections.