Ciao, Bologna

Bologna is one of my favorite book fairs, and it certainly didn’t hurt that this year was full of sunshine.  The general mood of the fair was upbeat, with all of the editors and publishers I met with feeling optimistic for the future of books, both print and digital. The fair reported a 15% increase in attendance, which is certainly good news.

There was no single trend buzzing at the fair, but instead editors were on the search for stand out titles.  It didn’t seem to matter the genre, as long as the book was unique in its own way – something with a special format, maybe an unreliable narrator, or just plain good adventure. I also got a lot of requests for humor, which is something I love reading and do hope to see more of.

Back at home, I'm already feeling the withdrawals from fresh pasta and local Italian vino. Fortunately, my plate is full with follow-ups from the fair and fresh submissions to read!